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About Dan

There are hundreds of reviews of me on Angie's List. The Angie's List Magazine has published three articles about me.

San Antonio computer repairman speaks customers’ language [2013]

One of the two Best Contractors in San Antonio [2009]

Comments from a happy Angie's List member [2007]

I have been repairing computers full-time since April 2002. Since March 2006, I have been officially Dan the Computer Man. One client says that since I know so much, I should have been Daniel The Computer Manual!

Another person said, after my spending less than 3 minutes on the phone with him and giving him a suggestion:
"Wow, it worked. BIG thanks. Do you know how many Indian people I've talked to on the phone and hours I've sat in front of my computer? You're great." (Gabriel, 9 December 2016)

I am a self-taught computer geek with a bachelor's degree in linguistics. University degree programs teach how to create computer hardware and software, not how to repair them. Although my education was more fun and less rigorous than that of a computer science graduate, I do have a special skill to fix their creations when things go wrong.

If you would like other people's opinions of me and my work, I suggest first checking out Angie's List. They are a service for homeowners to find good and bad reviews on contractors, written by other homeowners who hired those contractors. If you need just one electrician, just one plumber, or just one AC repair guy, the membership cost for Angie's List will more than pay for itself — even if it only helps you avoid hiring the wrong contractor!

My wife and I have 3 children at home. We all appreciate your business!

Based on customer reviews, Angie's List has awarded me the following:

  • Super Service Award, 2021
  • Super Service Award, 2020
  • Super Service Award, 2019
  • Super Service Award, 2018
  • Super Service Award, 2017
  • Super Service Award, 2016
  • Super Service Award, 2015
  • Super Service Award, 2014
  • Super Service Award, 2013
  • Super Service Award, 2012
  • Super Service Award, 2011
  • Super Service Award, 2010
  • Super Service Award, 2009
  • Super Service Award, 2008

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