Dan the Computer Man

Your Computer's Best Friend
In-home computer repair in the San Antonio area

How does this work?

I specialize in computers running Microsoft Windows. I can also help with Apple computers, cell phones, printers, and other devices that connect to the internet. However, if they have catastrophic problems, I might refer you to someone else. For jobs that I can't help with, please see Other Great Businesses.

I will come see you at your home or business, wherever you and your computer are (in the San Antonio area).

When you call me, please tell me what kind of trouble you're having. We can then agree on a time for an appointment. I work regular business hours and business days.

It works best if you participate in your computer's repair. That way, you can learn about your computer, and I can find out how best to help you.

I charge on an hourly basis, and divide that by quarter-hour segments. For example, if I work for you for 90 minutes, I will charge for 1 and ½ hours.

Checks and cash are welcome, but I currently don't accept credit cards.

I don't have a storefront; I come to you. Except in unusual circumstances, such as great distance, I cannot work on client computers at my home.