Dan the Computer Man

Your Computer's Best Friend
In-home computer repair in the San Antonio area

Required Reading: Avoid Fraud! If you use electronic devices and you have money, you need to know how to avoid being a victim!

Know how to react when scammers want you to panic!

Dan will come to your home or office to fix what ails you — at least if it's your computer.

Speed it up: If your computer has slowed down to a crawl, Dan can help.

Virus removal: If your computer is sick, Dan can help.

New computer setup: If you have bought a new computer and want someone to set it up, Dan can help.

Data transfer: If you need to get your stuff out of one computer and into another, Dan can help.

Internet: If you can't get on the internet, or your wireless device can't pick up the signal, Dan can help.

Dan is understandable. As he works on your computer, he will teach you as much or as little as you would like to know about it and what he's doing to it. In fact, if you want to learn anything else about the computer, Dan will teach you that too!

You may find that some of your questions are answered here at the website. If you are wondering whether you should repair or replace your computer, or if you are shopping for a new computer, see Dan's Tips. Have a look around, and call Dan if you have questions.