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Checklist to set up a new computer

Note that this is an abbreviated list for myself, so I have not explained each item.

  • Main
    • List software to reinstall
    • Check HDD usage (WizTree) or Direct download
    • Identify data to copy
    • Browser data: export bookmarks and passwords
    • WiFi password
  • Special
    • Identify CPU Score
    • Product Keys using Produkey
    • Email password & config (MailPassView)
    • Screen resolution & zoom
    • Desktop background location: Appdata-Roaming-MS-Windows-Themes
      Win10 PS Script or Win7 PS Script or Article 1 or Article 2
    • Computer name
    • Cloud storage: OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. (these may move data to other locations)
    • Passwords for Microsoft, Gmail, etc.
    • Finance software: Quicken, Quickbooks, etc. (locate data, licenses)
  • On New Computer