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Shop for Printer

Some suggestions when you shop for a printer:
  • My recommendation is to avoid a $50 special. Spend between $100 and $150.
  • Any manufacturer is fine. Epson, Canon, Brother, HP...
  • Laser printers are more cost-effective in the long run, but are black and white only. I do not recommend color laser printers because of the high cost of replacing 4 toner cartridges.

Features you may wish to look for include:

  • ADF, Automatic Document Feeder, to pull multiple pages through for scanning & faxing.
  • ePrint or AirPrint, for printing from tablets and smart phones.
  • If you fax, make sure it has a phone jack in the printer itself and doesn't depend on an internet fax service or a modem in the computer.
  • Ink: Photo printers often have 5 or 6 separate colors compared to the regular 4. Be aware of ink prices for the future, and how many pages a cartridge should last.
  • Wireless: The better wireless printers allow a wired network connection (ethernet) in addition to USB and wireless network.
  • Screens: Most printers now have an LCD screen, and many are touch screens. You may wish to explore the screens to see if you can navigate it. (For example, I have difficulty with touch screens, and some are not intuitive for my mind.)